COVID-19 Information

What we are doing to ensure that you have a great stay and most importantly safe stay at Betley Court Farm Holiday Cottages

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Firstly we are ensuring that the cottage you have booked will be cleaned and sanitised to the Covid Ready Guidelines from Visit England and PASC Uk


We have produced a Risk Assessment that covers all aspects of our business, which can be seen on demand .


We will be splitting the car park area behind the cottages and only Woodside Cottage cars will be allowed to park at the back . We will be asking those who have booked Carpenters to unload by the front door and to move the car and park in a designated space along the farm drive .
You will still be able to access the back car park from your back doors and enjoy sitting outside on the patio area and of course enjoying your private hot tub .
We just think for the present time , it is safer to split the car parking areas.


You are still welcome to walk on our fields and the local footpaths and visit Betley Mere , providing you adhere to all current social distancing rules .
But you will not be allowed to visit any farm animals inside any buildings – sorry .


There will be extra cleaning products and hand sanitisers in the cottages for you to use . Soap will be provided in the en – suites but all other toiletries and face cloths will be removed ( but you can ask if you require some ) .
Towels will be provided and tea towels as normal .

We will need you to provide names , telephone numbers and email addresses of everyone in the party, so we can pass this onto the NHS if it is required . This information will not be used for any other purpose , will be safely stored and destroyed after a few weeks of departure . This information must be provided at the point of arrival .

If you feel ill whilst you are here , please notify us straight away and we advise you of the nearest medical resources . It is advisable if possible , to return home and self isolate . Should you have to stay you will be expected to pay for the extra two weeks and reimburse any future guests that have booked .


Please leave by 10 .00 am to give us sufficient time to prepare for the next guests . Please load the dishwasher with crockery , cutlery etc and switch on to a high setting .
Thank you for your assistance .

Thank you!

Hope you enjoy your stay on our farm

Jayne and the team